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People and the talents they bring are usually organizations most valuable (and costly) resources. Yet organizations often do not have an integrated strategy for this most critical organizational element. The many elements of human resource management work together, from job design and job structure to position descriptions, compensation and total rewards.


Managing the interaction of these elements and the very real social dynamics that such a system creates is at the heart of effective management.  Trying to manage performance, expectations, and a diversity of talents and capabilities is a full-time job, and in the absence of a strategy and coherent approach, organizations can lose precious time and resources.


M Consulting's HR practice team has both extensive experience as senior managers and executives in diverse organizations, and technical capabilities to provide insight and capacity. 

Examples of services related to organizational development:

· Human resources management 

· Performance management systems 

· Executive 360 evaluations 

· Job design and structure 

· Competency development 

· Compensation and total rewards consulting 

· Executive recruitment 

· Personal and team development 

· Diversity and inclusion training 

· Political acumen training and coaching 

· Mental health in the workplace 

· Managed HR services

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