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We help organizations build social license, win regulatory approval, and are catalysts for mutually beneficial agreements between different stakeholder interests.


We help organizations clarify and communicate their messages effectively, and engage different (and sometimes competing) interests authentically.


We do this in times of crisis, and more importantly, we do this when everything is running smoothly.  Effective engagement with stakeholders minimizes an organization's risk and maximizes its opportunities.


It helps to know what your different constituencies care about, how they are thinking about issues, and have tools for engagement that are authentic and meaningful for participants. We offer these services on both contract and a retainer basis.

Examples of services related to communications and stakeholder engagement: 

· Issues management 

· Crisis communications 

· Stakeholder and network mapping 

· Public engagement, planning and delivery 

· Client and key constituency consultation 

· Speaking notes and key messages

· Member and client outreach 

· Employee surveys and internal communication support

·         Story and narrative development 

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